Top 6 Ways to Generate Crypto Passive Income 2023

crypto passive income

Cryptocurrency has now taken the world by storm, with its most famous application being the creation of new coins and mining operations through blockchain technology. However, cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be all about mining anymore; it’s much easier to generate passive crypto income in 2023 than you might think!

Amidst one of the deepest bear markets in the market’s history, passive crypto income is the highest on the agenda of many traders and investors. You can use passive income opportunities to offset losses during market downturns and crashes. They also represent a more proactive way to grow your crypto capital.

Holding promising coins for the long term worked well in the early crypto market, but now it’s not the best way to earn passive crypto income. Here are six strategies that you can use to earn passive cryptocurrency income from your crypto investments.

Is It Possible to Generate Passive Income With Crypto?

Traders and investors of cryptocurrencies have discovered profitable returns despite barriers of uncertainty. Crypto investors, however, are faced with several prominent issues, such as fluctuating cryptocurrency values. Additionally, you need to keep track of your crypto investments, monitor the portfolio of investments, and manage your positions.

After all, investing in crypto is no kid’s play at all. First of all, you stand to lose your money. In addition, investing in crypto is complex, so the only way to guarantee the best returns would be to earn passive income.

Crypto assets can make you passive income if you follow the right investment strategies and invest them on the right Crypto Staking Platforms. The common method of earning passive returns on crypto assets without involvement is to HODL or hold them for a long time.

Income With Crypto

However, holding crypto assets in the hope of an increase in price in the future qualifies as a long-term strategy. Investors who HODL their crypto assets generally hold the assets for at least six months. Therefore, you cannot consider ‘HODL’ a passive income generator for crypto.

Methods for Earning Passive Income with Crypto

Proof-of-Stake Mining

Proof-of-Stake Mining has become an increasingly popular alternative to Proof-of-Work mining because it is more environmentally friendly and doesn’t use as much electricity. You can make passive income by running a staking node on your computer and setting the percentage of coins you want to stake.

A staking node is simply software that sits on your computer, monitors your wallet, and mints new coins while you are offline. The advantage is that you will be rewarded with some newly minted coins for helping maintain the blockchain. However, there are also some disadvantages, such as needing to buy a significant amount of cryptocurrency before being able to start earning any reward.

Also, remember that your earnings will depend on how many other nodes there are and how many people run them. If not enough people stake their coins, you might have difficulty earning enough rewards.

DPOS Consensus Mechanism

On many proof of stake (POS) chains, you do not need to be a full node to participate in staking. On chains that use delegated proof of stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism, you may use your cryptocurrency to vote on which full node will be allocated to use their stakes through a process that is both transparent and takes place on a given chain.

Your delegated node will process transaction blocks and share the staking rewards with you according to the percentage you have contributed to the node. The delegated mode is a low-cost way for crypto holders to earn passive income by contributing to a delegated node. For example, two chains are TRON (TRX) and EOSIO (EOS).

DPOS Consensus Mechanism

There might, however, be service providers who can assist you even on platforms without delegation. For example, several decentralized apps (DApps) like Lido (LDO) and StakeWise (SWISE) offer Ethereum 2.0 staking services without requiring full validator nodes to run. Starting with minimal amounts, you can engage Ethereum 2.0 staking with these providers.


Airdrops are one of the most profitable passive income streams. However, they require a lot of research to find good opportunities. If you have time, you can sign up for airdrop alerts on websites such as AirDropAlert and follow some simple rules to increase your chances of earning crypto passively.

For example, you can only sign up for five new airdrops daily or provide an email address that is not already registered with any other cryptocurrency project. The good thing about airdrops is that often you will get tokens worth $10-$30 just by signing up for them and following some basic instructions. You can also earn money from lending cryptocurrencies on Crypto Staking Platforms like CredEx if you don’t want to spend time trading them yourself.

Lend out Cryptocurrencies

These sites allow you to lend out cryptocurrencies and make anywhere from 3-8% interest rates annually. However, many risks are involved when investing in cryptos through lending so make sure you fully understand the risks before starting this kind of venture. The passive crypto income stream people often overlook is mining altcoins. Mining altcoins allows you to collect fractions of coins which will eventually translate into significant amounts over time since there is no cap on how much a coin can be worth (the maximum number of Bitcoins right now that can exist is 21 million).

You may need at least 1000 dollars upfront depending on what type of mining rig you purchase, but mining has been very profitable in 2018 and could continue to be a way to generate passive crypto incomes.

Crypto Lending

Lending crypto is a great way to generate passive income while still being involved with the market. Lending can be done through various exchanges and platforms, and you can lend out any amount or all of your crypto holdings. In addition, platforms like Salt and Bitlend offer interest rates comparable to bank rates but with the benefit of earning money off your crypto holdings.
For what is crypto passive income?

Crypto lending can be an excellent strategy for generating passive income because it is easy to start, and it’s possible to earn higher returns than simply trading. However, if you’re looking for something more hands-on, setting up your lending operation may provide the opportunity you’re looking for. With this option, borrowers will deposit bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with a lending company to receive fiat currency.

Peer to Peer Lending (P2P)

Peer to Peer or P2P lending platforms let borrowers borrow money from investors and determine interest rates for the loan. In addition, borrowers can take advantage of these services for loan approval.
Some peer to peer (P2P) lending platforms help match investors and borrowers, much like matching sellers and buyers on P2P trading platforms. For example, investors might profit through a crypto passive income calculator. As well as that, they also offer you greater control over the way you want to loan or invest your assets.

Peer to Peer Lending

Centralized Lending Platforms

The next method for generating passive income in crypto is centralized lending, but there are limitations, such as waiting on long lockups and rates.

DeFi Lending

Top crypto passive income generators gravitate towards DeFi lending as one emerging crypto lending strategy. Decentralized finance or DeFi lending eliminates the intermediaries from traditional lending. For automated lending, borrowers and lenders depend on smart contracts without your proactive involvement.

Margin Lending

Margin lending is largely used to earn cryptocurrency passive income by lending crypto assets to traders who wish to borrow them for trading. Such traders might use the borrowed funds to expand their market position and return the loans with interest. A crypto exchange, however, is required to trade margin.

Hardware Wallet Delegate

Hardware Wallet Delegate and Running a Masternode. These two ways of earning passive crypto income are quite similar and the best passive income strategies. They both require you to hold a certain amount of coins in your wallet and keep them there for an extended period, usually one year or more.

The key difference is that with a hardware wallet delegate, you risk losing your coins if the delegate is hacked or goes bankrupt. With running a masternode, your coins will be safe with the network as long as you follow protocol guidelines. However, this also means they won’t generate any additional passive crypto income while locked up in the master node.

DASH In Crypto

For example, Dash has a set number of 1,000 DASH per node available each month. If you own 100 DASH and want to run a node, then you need at least 10 other people to sign on with you so that all 1000 DASH can be provided by this group every month. Masternodes come with a steep initial investment (1000 DASH) but offer faster returns than hardware wallets delegates which tend to be around 3% per annum.

Both methods require patience, but those who invest in master nodes have their investments work for them even when their wallets are idle.

Bybit Earn

All in all, Bybit Savings is one of the many crypto investment products under Bybit Earn. With this resource, you can be an active crypto investor and generate passive income. Bybit is one of the many integrated products in Bybit. It offers you access to a range of opportunities for generating passive income.

Bybit Earn offers a wide variety of crypto investments: depositing funds for flexible periods for higher returns, mining, investing for the potential for high yields, and even stake mining (that has not been open to the public until now).

Centralized Lending Platforms


The best way of making passive income from your crypto holdings is hodling. This means you purchase cryptocurrencies and then don’t sell them for a long time. The longer you hold on, the more likely you will see some profits down the line. Of course, we can’t guarantee this will happen, but it’s worth the risk if you want a passive income from cryptocurrency without having to do much work.

Suppose you’re looking to generate crypto passive income. You can also buy futures contracts for Bitcoin and Ethereum because their prices are unlikely to change drastically.

They’ll give you monthly payouts based on how much money they think these coins will be worth at a certain point in the future. Ensure you understand the risks associated with these investments before committing any money to them.

What other Crypto Passive Income Options are There?

Investing in initial coin offerings (ICOs) is another good way to earn crypto passive income by buying tokens ahead of their release date. There is an element of speculation here as you won’t know whether or not the project will turn out to be a success, but these types of investments can yield impressive rewards.

Lastly, when searching for crypto passive income opportunities, look into lending platforms like SALT Lending, which allows you to use your blockchain assets as collateral against loans.

Pros and Cons of Passive Income Generation With Crypto


Bitcoin and other cryptos can be a great way to generate passive income.
Most interest-bearing digital asset accounts are straightforward and rather simple. This could involve merely putting cryptocurrency into a custodial wallet and permitting the exchange to borrow it for their own purposes.

Instead of selling crypto that has increased in value, investors might prefer to hold onto their cryptocurrency or sell it for a yield and re-buy later when the coin has fallen in price. If a taxpayer sells a large amount of crypto, the income may be subject to tax; whereas selling a small number of cryptocurrencies will likely result in a lighter tax burden.


Crypto traders must also consider the drawbacks of passive income when considering crypto.
There is a real possibility of losing 100% of the principle with most options. Depending on the hack, smart contract bug, or bankruptcy, this can happen.

To get involved in DeFi, you must first set up an Ethereum (ETH) wallet like MetaMask, and then become familiar with one or more DeFi protocols. This may prove difficult if you do not own any ETH and have never used a crypto wallet.

Passive Income


In conclusion, you can see the simplicity in the different methods for creating passive crypto income. They provide unique opportunities and provide distinct methods such as mining. To be successful in growth hype in crypto investing, you need a basic understanding of the risks. In contrast, you cannot ignore the potential associated with the top crypto passive income generators you can use today. Find out with My Info Diary the best ways to leverage your crypto assets to maximize your returns.

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