Top 5 Business Ideas for Teens in 2023

Top 5 Business Ideas for Teens in 2022

Business Ideas for Teens

Getting into the business world before they’re old enough to drive or vote can seem intimidating for many young people. Still, there are plenty of small businesses you can start from the comfort of your home that doesn’t require huge sums of money, previous business experience, or even an office. If you’re an entrepreneur who dreams of leaving their mark on the world by starting something big and growing it into something great, these top five business ideas for teens in 2023 are what you need to get started.

Why Should Teenagers Start A Small Business Of Their Own

The best way to learn is by doing; starting small business ideas for teenagers is an excellent way to do just that. A teen-owned business can be anything, from making your clothes to making your jewelry. It doesn’t matter what you start with, as long as it’s something you’re passionate about and have a natural talent for!

 The best part about starting your own small business is that you don’t need much money. Many of these businesses can be started from home and don’t require many supplies. You’ll only need passion, an idea, and a little creativity! So start brainstorming now to bring the best business ideas for teens!

How to Start a Business if you’re Under 18?

While you can implement teenage business ideas on your own almost entirely if you’re in high school, there are a few legal and financial considerations to consider. Under most national and regional laws, minors cannot legally start a business or sign legally binding contracts.

The laws in your state may also require parental help when opening a business bank account. Most online services, such as Shopify and PayPal, require users to be at least 18 to sign up. Therefore, parents are legally liable for their children’s actions when they use these services. If you decide to start a business, you can check our guide on how to do it.

Parents and youth should discuss their involvement levels, roles, and safeguards to ensure their safety. It is not a substitute for legal or planning financial  advice; parents are encouraged to contact their lawyer or accountant for more information.

Ask these questions before starting a small business:

  • What is the weekly time commitment for each employee?
  • What level of autonomy will the teen have?
  • How will the finances be managed?
  • Is there a set of ground rules and a consequence for breaking them?
  • What is the exit strategy?

List of Best Business Ideas for Teens

Academic Tutor

The academic tutor is one of the fastest-growing jobs in America and will only continue to grow. With the rising number of people needing tutoring, there is a huge demand for this service. An academic tutor’s money largely depends on their location and experience, but some earn up to $90,000 annually. This job also requires no formal training or education, so it’s easy to earn some extra cash while still attending high school or college.

One smart business choice for teenagers is becoming an academic tutor. All skills are different, so if you’re great at math, physics, writing, music, painting, or reading, you can teach others who need help with that subject.

Because you can tutor from your own home or your students, there is less of an initial investment. Time and money may be needed for marketing, but leaflets are highly effective if you have a group of captive students.

Selling Handmade Crafts

Etsy is a great place to sell handmade crafts. It’s easy to set up, and the site makes it easy for buyers to find your work. Plus, Etsy takes care of all the selling and shipping for you! Remember that handmade goods are often priced higher than their manufactured counterparts. Consider how you will price your items based on their value and the time invested in making them. 

Unlike many other business ideas for teens, you don’t need a lot of startup capital to get started with DIY crafts. All you need is some supplies and lots of hard work! To cut down on your costs, consider buying craft supplies wholesale or in bulk (especially if they can be used repeatedly). Ask friends or family members if they’ll donate any materials or finished products they don’t need.

Artistic teens can make money from crafting using their skills with just a little patience and effort. One option is starting in their hometown and becoming a well-known face there. Another is building an online store for their creations, building a presence there, and attending craft fairs.

Lots of small businesses find success in making their jewelry and crafts, but it may take more of a liking towards them.

Sell your crafts online if you’re creative and talented in creating handmade things like jewelry, invitations, decorations, stickers, and other accessories. Then, develop your website or Facebook page to display your creations to a broader market.

It is also possible to sell them locally at craft fairs.

Soap or Candle Making Business

Making soap or candles is a good business idea for teens. It’s low-risk, you can make it at home, and there are many tutorials online to help you get started. Plus, soap and candles make great gifts! For your first batch, find an easy recipe online (like these instructions on how to make melt-and-pour soaps) that doesn’t require cooking or other advanced equipment.

Once you have the basics down, try experimenting with new ingredients until you find something that suits your preferences. You’ll need some way of packing your product, but don’t worry about spending money on expensive packaging immediately—a reusable container or bag will work just fine.

The best thing about this kind of small business is that no matter what happens in the economy, people always need soap and candles! Your friends and family might also be interested in buying from you if they’re looking for a cheap gift for someone else. If not, the internet provides another option: all kinds of craft fairs allow vendors to sell handmade items like soap or candles. With all these options, starting as a teen entrepreneur isn’t impossible—it may be easier than ever!

Art Lessons

Art lessons are a great idea for a business because there is a demand for them, and you don’t have to be an expert. You can offer the service of teaching someone how to draw or paint, which everyone can learn. It’s also a good way to start your own online business where you can teach people worldwide. The idea would work well if you want to earn money while at home with your family or if you’re looking to get started with a low investment.

Here’s a brilliant idea if you’re a fan of art and meaningful missions. If so, please Color HerStory by joining the community by coloring pictures of inspirational women. My idea comes from 19-year-old Simone. A college student, Simone stumbled upon artwork that she and other girls her age could relate to. They were empowering women of color, and after reflecting on their thoughts and the connections, she wanted to start her community.

Lawn Care Business

Given the common skills required for this work, you already possess the know-how to market and grow a lawn care business in the summer. What’s more, hiring teens means paying them at least minimum wage. Finally, your startup costs should be even cheaper by using Google Adwords wisely and leveraging social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to promote your company.


These are some great ideas that teenagers should pursue. The best part is you can start these businesses without much money. All you need is a phone and an idea; the world can be your oyster. A lot has changed since we were young. If I had the chance again, I would choose one of these five business ideas for teens so they can start making money while having fun! 

Many technological advances had made starting a business easier now than when I was younger, but it’s still doable even with only $100. Best of luck in deciding what business ideas for teens will be right for you, and may all your dreams come true!

Business ideas for teens

Business ideas for teens FAQ

What Business Should a Teenager Start?

Teens should start small businesses based on their interests, skills, and schedule. Small businesses should complement school rather than detract from it. Therefore, choosing a small business related to a teen’s future career interests is very important.

What can I Sell as a Teenager?

If you have parental permission and the item has no age or legal restrictions (alcohol, for instance), teenagers can sell anything. Some easy ideas include handmade items, dropshipping, and lawn care and babysitting services.

Can a 13 Year Old Run an Online Business?

Yes, a 13-year-old can start a business, and they will need parental involvement to sign up for an online store and manage its financial aspects. Parents may also want to monitor or restrict certain marketing channels that may be inappropriate for their children.

How can I Start my own Business as a Teenager?

It is the first thing to do if you want to set up your own business as a teenager. First, it is necessary to ask a parent or a guardian. You will need your guardian’s agreement to create your website and open your bank account. After that, a teenager could open a store without worrying about setting up a website. The Shopify Starter Plan is a perfect solution for young people. That want to sell products and do not want to build a website.

How can a Kid Start a Small Business?

Youngsters under thirteen years of age are eligible for adult support with starting and operating their businesses. An adult can set up a basic website and give ongoing marketing and customer service support. Children can engage in many business areas, like producing products and mastering social media and communication skills.


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