Profitable Small Business Ideas For Teens You Can Start In 2022

Profitable Small Business Ideas For Teens You Can Start In 2022

Are you a teen and want to build a profitable small business? Well-thought-out. 20% of small firms fail in the first year and 50% within five years. Starting a business in 2022 isn’t easy. These days, we have to consider COVID-19, the ensuing global downturn, and a difficult political environment.

Despite the world’s chaos, you can still launch a successful business. Some successful business ideas for men, women, teens can be food babysitting and cosmetic (beauty business ideas) etc. Some individuals put up barriers when change blows, while others build windmills. Being a teen How should you design a “windmill”?

This article lists 13 successful small business ideas for teens to establish in 2022 and explains why they may be a good option. Let’s Start.

1. Babysitting Service

The lemonade stand of businesses for teenagers! Babysitting is a great first job for young teens who want to meet new people or test their knowledge of first aid. You can improve at babysitting by making a professional website that lists your qualifications, rates, and availability.It can be adopted as part of some family business ideas.

A scheduling app and an intake form on your website can make it easier to keep track of appointments and family needs. Encourage your best clients to write your business feedback and post it on your site.

2. Teach Or Coach Younger Children

Have a knack for math or music? Why not show some of these skills to other people? You’d make a great teacher if you were patient and focused on details. You can teach one-on-one lessons in person or open an online store and sell templates, DIY kits, or virtual classes. 

You can even sell consultations for in-person services through your online store (consulation business idea). Use customer testimonials and word of mouth to grow your teaching business, and ask your parents and students to leave you an online review.

3. Create And Market Print-On-Demand Goods

If you like to draw or make digital designs, selling copies of your work online is an excellent way to earn money from home while you are still in school. Teens with technology and business can start a simple side business with a Shopify store and a print-on-demand app. 

This lets you put your designs on white-label items and sell them as your own. For example, your art can be printed on hats, art prints, t-shirts,  and water bottles, among other things.  Not a creator? You can print anything, from memes to slogans, on things to sell.

 4. Start A Business That Helps Your Neighbors

Like to talk and meet new people? Start a service company. It’s a great business idea for teenagers because they don’t have to miss school. Set your hours and only take on how much work you can handle.

Some common neighborhood services are washing cars, mowing and taking care of lawns, painting houses, and taking care of the snow. If you are flexible and have a car, you could start a service like a grocery delivery or shopping, or you could fix or clean bikes on the go. How about a business that helps teens decorate their rooms?

Service businesses are easy to start and have low risks because you don’t have to buy or make any inventory immediately. Instead, make flyers with a QR code that leads to your website and put them in mailboxes or on public bulletin boards.

5. Start Making Things Online (Sell Merch)

If you’re a natural charmer and use those skills to get book report extensions and win class elections, why not make money off of them? Build an online community by live streaming, blogging, or posting content on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, or TikTok. 

For example, you could make gaming tips, beauty tutorials, or do-it-yourself videos and make money from them in the long run. In addition, influencers on social media can make extra money by selling promoted posts to brands you like. Once you have a loyal following, you can turn your brand into a small business and sell merchandise.

6. Sell Handmade Goods

Your creativity gives you a lot of options for how to run a business that sells handmade goods. Can you make patterns to sew clothes, make jewelry, bake truffles, or make treats for your dog? Here are a few small business ideas for teens who like to do things with their hands.

  • Jewelry made of beads or fabric
  • Soaps and bath bombs and soaps made by hand
  • Things like treats and leashes for pets
  • A greeting card

Try selling through your online store, an online marketplace like a local craft fair, Etsy, or a local store. Use social media to show off your work, post-how-to videos, and build an audience. Be sure to choose something you’re interested in because that will keep you going.

7. Open A Pet Care Business

Teenagers are old enough to start a business taking care of pets. For example, you can start a dog-walking business or offer to visit pets at your clients’ homes as part of a pet-sitting service.

This business idea can do well through word of mouth, like babysitting and neighborhood services. You could open an online store to sell your services, such as treats, collars, and dog sweaters. Give out your business card at a local dog park to reach out to pet owners in your area.

8. Record Reviews And “Unboxing” Videos For Youtube

If you like being at the center of attention, start a business that puts you there. For example, teens who are good at making videos and have a strong interest in a hobby (like photography, gaming, or hair styling) can build a following by posting demos, reviews, or unboxings on YouTube. Eventually, they can make money from their channel. Outgoing teens could also host, start a photography business or podcast, or become videographers.

9. Direct An Early-Childhood Summer Camp

If you like working with kids and being outside, offer childcare services to parents in your neighborhood during summer break. You can spend more time on your small business when you’re not in school full-time. Set up camps for a week with themes like drama, outdoor skills, STEM, or crafts. Even during the school year, starting as a babysitter is a fantastic way to get clients and build your reputation.

Childhood Summer Camp

10. Create Online Stores And Websites

If you are good at digital art or coding, you can start a web design service or a graphic design business from your bedroom. Teens who are good with technology can offer to help build websites from scratch, make logos and flyers, or build eCommerce stores for local businesses so they can sell things online.

Who like to play video games could start a small business by making an app or online game. Teens who like working with computers could also offer data entry, tech support, technology lessons, or transcription services.

11. Children Clothing (Kidswear Business Ideas)

Starting a business that sells clothes for kids can be fun for creative people who want to be in charge of their designs and fill a need in the market. Some kidswear business ideas includes designing and figuring out your target market, finding manufacturers, and making a business plan.

Before you get too far into your kidswear business ideas, you need to make a business plan. A well-thought-out business plan gives your business the structure it needs to get going. This document is important to how your business works and will be the backbone of your business.

It will be best if you also find a place to make the clothes and a place to get the fabric. Think about how the fabric feels, how easy it is to wear, how it washes, how long it will last, its color, and its pattern. Also, think about how much it will cost to ship the clothes from the maker to you. Buying things in bulk may save you money, but you’ll likely have more than you need. If you sell online, you also need to consider how shipping costs might affect the decision of your target market to buy.

12. Cleaning Services

Cleaning is something that everyone has to do, but only some people like doing it. Working as a cleaner can be an excellent method to make money for people who like doing it. If you clean for a living, you can set your hours and work with clients you like. You can get a lot of exercises and get out of a desk or hard labor job. 

Most cleaners make more than the minimum wage, and good cleaners can charge much more once they’ve built up a good reputation. You could work as a sole proprietor or start a business with several cleaners. Either way, the cleaning business is always in demand.

Cleaning Services


  • What is the best way to start a personal training business?

A good personal trainer is honest and always tries to maximize the potential of each of their clients. Most importantly, someone who is always trying to learn new things. Getting your level 3 PT certificate and relying on what you’ve learned is just the beginning. Also it is one of the best business ideas for men/women.

  • How to start a cleaning service business?

Here’s what you’ll find out about opening a cleaning business:

  •         First, pick the cleaning services that you want to offer.
  •         Next, register, get a business license, get insurance, and set up your books.
  •         Next, get cleaning equipment and supplies.
  •         Next, find out how to price and estimate your cleaning services.
  •         Finally, get the word out about your cleaning business and find your first clients.


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