How to Write a Business Proposal

Business Proposal

Write a Business Proposal in a Simple Way

If you plan to launch a new business, you will need to write a business proposal at some point because business proposals are a way to get your idea off the ground and show potential investors that you have a plan.

business proposal will cover all aspects of your business idea. It will tell your audience about the type of business you want to create and how you plan to make money. Explain how you plan to make your business successful. Will cover the people you will need to hire. The services you will provide, and the financial resources you will need to get started.

It will also tell your audience about how you will grow your business. This will include the marketing plan, the business plan, and the financial plan. The last section of the business proposal must include a summary of your business plan. But many people need to learn how to write a good business proposal to give their business a great hike. If you are the one, don’t worry. We got you. To learn how to write a good business proposal: read on.

What is a Business Proposal?

business proposal is a document delivered to potential clients. Hoping to partner with them on a project or wishing to be the firm that assists with a particular task. Business proposals might cover various issues depending on the parties involved and your organization’s project.

Business proposals explain how your organization can meet the needs of potential customers and why. Understanding how to write a good business proposal is essential for the growth of companies that provide B2B services.

How To Write Up A Business Proposal

While the structure of business proposals might vary slightly. There are a few essential components that every business proposal must have. Following is the list of steps the proposal must include.   Along with some business proposal samples and examples.


Make Your Title Page

The title page serves as the “cover” of your proposal, making it very significant in terms of presentation. Therefore, your title page should include essential details about your company and the proposal, such as its title, contact information, company name, and the date you’re submitting it.

Business Proposal Examples and Tips

Professionalism is important, but your title page should also try to capture the reader’s interest. Like any commercial, it must express the aesthetics and spirit of your company since it plays a crucial role in establishing the tone of your proposal. A section to add your company’s logo is often a smart idea.

Given that this will be the first thing your client sees, it’s critical to represent your brand and proposition in a brief yet detailed way. Consider it visual material that must deliver a lot of information rapidly because visitors will only gaze at it briefly. Avoid using intricate graphics that might detract from the proposal’s main point. Style-wise, it should be orderly and tidy. 

Create An Index Of The Contents

It will be simpler to navigate the document’s contents if it has a table of contents. It should be on one of the first pages, but it can be something other than the first page (sometimes, it comes after the cover letter).

Your content page needs to be sorted by date. Make sure to make your list more specific since it may come out as loud and confusing. The excellent idea is to make the things on your list to represent certain pain points or problems the reader might have so that it is easy for them to utilize the table of contents as a point of reference for all their questions.

Compose A Cover Letter

The purpose of your cover letter should be to introduce yourself. To organize the proposal. A few individuals may place the cover letter before the table of contents. Your cover letter should be precise and no more than one page. Then, in a few words, briefly summaries your company’s backstory, goal statement, and unique selling offer.

Remember to include your pleases and thank you in your cover letter. Also. Leave your contact details and invite your readers to contact you if they have any queries. Visuals are preferred over a resume cover letter, especially if they highlight a significant aspect of your brand’s achievements or goals.

Compose Your Executive Summary

Your proposal’s executive summary can be its most crucial section. An executive summary explains your motivation for submitting the proposal and how you will convince the customer that you’re their best alternative.

Executive summaries are short yet still need to be clear. Describe your company’s services, your client’s precise challenges, and your suggested remedies. It should be brief, but it should still be specific because more particular information will be provided in the other sections of the proposal. 

Business Proposal Examples – Executive summary section

For example, there’s no need to detail logistics or business strategy here, but it should precisely answer a specific problem. You should customize your executive summary to the client’s requirements. The proposal paper should seem like it was produced for only one client, even if you’re sending it to many potential customers.

Your executive summary has to be modified for each potential customer if they all have distinct issues. Be aware of your tone here as well. For example, a firm providing financial counseling to the elderly will anticipate a different tone than renting party buses to college kids.

Your executive summary should make it plain to the reader how your business can assist them and encourage them to read on for more information. The summary should be precise enough to work as a single document yet concise enough that it will inspire additional questions.

Describe Your Clients Issues And Your Business’s Response

Most of your company business proposal will comprise the proposal pages. In this part, you should expand on the solutions you provided in your executive summary. You will outline what you could accomplish and why you would be a good customer in your overview. Then, you’ll discuss how you want to achieve it and when it can be done on the proposal pages (a time frame).

It is helpful to anticipate the questions your customer may have. Many writers of business proposals consider the pages of their proposals in terms of problems and possible solutions. 

  • Address any problems the customer could encounter at the start of the proposal. Doing this will demonstrate to potential customers that you have a thorough awareness of their demands.

Timelines are crucial in this situation. Clients interested in your solution will want to know how quickly you can implement it and when they can expect results. These questions are addressed by timetables, which can serve as a useful visual aid for breaking up text while delivering crucial information.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to this part; your proposal will need to organize challenges and solutions to appeal to your potential customer and make sense for your business. It’s typically a good idea to divide your proposal’s substance into paragraphs describing each issue and offering a remedy. For each part, it is important to address the following points:

The issue:  Be precise about how your customer could fall short of their goals and provide documentation to back up your statements.

Implementation: Clearly describe the modifications you want to make, how long they will take, and why you are doing so.

Goals: Tell your customer how you plan to measure the effectiveness of your solution and when they may expect to see the effects of your adjustments.

Benefits: Explain the type of impact these adjustments will have by drawing on the evaluation of the issue.

Business Proposal

Construct A Price List

Your price table should follow your problems and solution pages. It will include all your goods and services and a price list. The kind of service you’re providing will greatly impact how you set up your pricing approach.

Your price structure should be laid out in an easy-to-read table. Offer alternatives for recurring payments on a monthly and yearly basis. Offer reduced prices in exchange for long-term commitments. Provide alternatives, improvements, and add-ons. In this part, transparency is essential. 

Ensure your customers can easily comprehend what they’re paying for and how to customize your service. Nobody loves unexplained costs or conditions in the small print. Include all the information about your price alternatives concisely.


Some software programs have the best business proposal samples you can see as a reference. They also include flexible price tables that let your clients modify their plans to suit their requirements and instantly recalculate their totals.

Provide Further Details About Your Business

Similar to an About Us page on your website, the about us section of your business proposal should tell the origin narrative of your company and you as the founder serving as the major character. A good about us page should be concise but still have all the components of an engaging story:

Setting: Set the scene by introducing the protagonist(s) of the tale, as well as you and your co-founders, and describe how you came to create your company.

Conflict: What issue motivated you to launch your business? Describe the problem that your company sought to tackle.

Plot: How did you and your team approach locating a fix for your issue?

Resolution: What was the answer? How has it affected your business? What achievements have you made so far, and how did your company plan to approach the issue?

Characters: Introduce your customers to the individuals they will be working with on your project by providing a quick profile of each team member.

Denouement: Describe the future you envisage for your business. Describe how you plan to keep pursuing your objectives. Be careful to position yourself for a successful sequel.

List Your Credentials In Brief

You said in your cover letter how particularly qualified your business is to address your client’s issues. In the credentials statement, you will elaborate on why your company is most qualified to help potential clients achieve their goals.

The best credentials summaries provide examples from the public to support their claims. Include customer testimonials, case studies from prior clients, praise on social media, recommendations from reputable authorities in your sector, and anything else that can demonstrate the value you offer your clients.

For abusiness proposal sample,you must check the website of Omsom, a store that provides delectable Asian sauce starters that let customers quickly prepare dinners of restaurant caliber. Its main page features endorsements from Vice, CNN, and Vogue.

Specify The Agreement’s Terms

Your business proposal should conclude with a summary of the terms and conditions that will help your clients understand your offer. Again, it’s important to consult a legal professional while drafting this part because some jurisdictions could regard proposals as legally enforceable contracts.

Not all business proposals contain a legally binding agreement. So if your goal is to engage your customer in further discussion. You may include a straightforward call to action with directions on.  How to get in touch with you to discuss the matter further. If you include a legally binding contract, provide them a place to sign it or indicate how they want to proceed.

Details About Your Business


A business proposal requires a lot of work to write. But learning its structure will prepare you for years of success. And the above article contains all the points and business proposal examples you need to write a perfect proposal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create the Best Business Proposal?

The best business proposals provide a comprehensive project summary. Discuss the client’s issues, propose solutions, provide cost estimates, and establish a workable timeframe. A plus would be to provide client references and a brief success story of previous projects.



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