Finance Internship Jobs and Employment-Your Guide to Finance Internships

Finance Internship Jobs and Employment-Your Guide to Finance Internships

Finance offers you a wide range of opportunities for internships because it is a degree with so many potential career paths. A fantastic finance internship will always be available near you because employers in the area are always wanting to hire and mentor bright, qualified finance students.

You will learn various skills throughout your internships in finance, including problem-solving, organization, and client relations. In addition, given the variety of options available to a finance major, internship opportunities can greatly encourage exploration of the sector. This article will explain where to intern for finance, how to find paid finance summer internships 2023, and how to succeed at your paid finance internship.

How Can you Secure a Finance Internship?

With so many opportunities at various companies, obtaining a finance internship could not be more exciting. Finance internships summer 2023 will give you significant experience and a taste of future finance jobs. In addition, you’ll establish relationships with coworkers with various specialties, meet possible mentors, and discover financial insider tips. Another benefit is if the internship is in finance then it is usually paid.

The top finance internship programmers improve resumes, offer useful opportunities for letters of recommendation, and sometimes even result in full-time employment. So start your search for a finance internship immediately if you think about all of these benefits and the advantage of learning finance.

Tips For Your Profile And Resume

Ensure your resume is updated and your Handshake profile information is complete before sending out applications. A strong finance internship is easier to land with a thorough profile than before. Student profiles that are complete and indicate a desire to work in finance are far more likely to receive messages from recruiters on Handshake than incomplete ones.

Profile And Resume

Interview Tips For Interns

When you finally land your first interview, whether in person or online, be sure to be well-prepared and presentable. Make sure you have specific examples of your experience to discuss from clubs or schoolwork by reviewing your CV and cover letter. If you need more time, ask a reliable friend to question you some typical interview questions. You can also arrange a mock interview with the career centre at your university.

Tips for Networking During Your Finance Internship

Once you’ve secured a finance internship and gotten used to the routine of your position, start chit-chatting with your coworkers. Whether they are experts in the field or other interns, it’s crucial to treat them with respect. 

You always need to find out what views they can offer or who might prove to be a useful contact in five or ten years. Ask your new coworkers out for quick coffee dates or ask them for 15-minute informational interviews about their professional aspirations.

Want more ways to get the most out of your finance internship? Are you looking for particular guidance before starting your internship? Or will you still be thirsty for further knowledge after your internship? Attending one or more virtual events is a smart method to go even deeper into your career path development. You’ll be able to network with companies, industry experts, and students with differing perspectives and learn more about your profession.

Finance Internship

Finance Jobs-Summer Finance Intern jobs in the United State

Are you looking for “financial internships near me“? Any of the roles we’ve listed here is for you so that you can apply to internships in finance. Your finance summer internships 2023 may help you get started on your ideal profession because internships are designed to point you properly.

It doesn’t matter where you’re looking for an internship—whether it’s a paid internship in finance in NYC, a paid internship in Chicago a paid internship in Boston, a paid internship in Houston, a paid internship in Chicago, a paid internship in Houston, or a paid internship in Chicago for sophomores. You can find what you’re looking for by using the following job descriptions and advice on where to apply for finance internships.

Business Analysts

Business analysts and management consultants offer firms crucial strategic insights and tactics to guarantee top workplace effectiveness and strengthen weaker financial sectors. They frequently hold a degree in finance and are quite knowledgeable about corporate behavior and financial processes.

Companies where you can apply: Wayfair, Accenture, EY LLP.

Typical salary: $70,000


Accountants keep track of and examine financial record data. Accountants offer their clients advice on organizing and managing their money after evaluating a person or business’s accounts.

Companies where you can apply: Wells Fargo, EY LLP, and Goldman Sachs

Salary: $50,000 on average

Accountant job


Public Relations Professionals

Public relations managers and professionals interact with journalists and media outlets to spread the word about stories and develop a certain public image for a person, a collection of people, or an organization. For example, they might be in charge of running social media pages and press conferences.

Apply to these companies: Ignite Mental Health, Insight Global, and Nestle USA.

Typical salary: $38,000

Project Director

By supervising a team of employees, setting deadlines, and serving as the point of contact for any outsourced resources, project managers (PMs) supervise the planning and implementation of specific projects for a business or client.

Companies where you can apply: Microsoft, Fidelity Investments, Kiewit

Typical salary: $55,000

Project Director


Data Scientist

Data analysts gather and compile data to provide insightful data for a specific project, client, or company. For example, data analysts can provide qualitative and quantitative reasons to support or oppose a financial choice by spotting trends and making inferences from those trends.

Companies where you can apply: Amazon and Bank of America.

Typical salary: $58,000


Auditors review their financial records to verify the authenticity and legality of organizations and people. Then, they offer their clients advice on preventing risky financial circumstances by assessing and reporting their ultimate results.

Companies where you can apply: CohnReznick LLP, Facebook, Credit Suisse.

Typical salary: $56,000

Marketing Director

Marketing managers are in charge of directing an organization’s advertising and marketing campaigns. In addition, they oversee the planning, strategy, and implementation of the firm’s marketing initiatives ultimately intended to boost revenue or brand recognition.

Companies where you can apply: Microsoft, Apple, KPMG LLP.

Typical salary: $42,000

Marketing Director

Frequently Asked Questions for Financial Internship

Want advice on landing a financial internship and succeeding in it? There is no need to look elsewhere. 

Q: What’s a finance internship like?

A finance internship can give you a chance to put your classroom knowledge into practice outside the classroom and give you an advantage after graduation.

Q: What Finance Internship can I do this summer?

You can do internships as Business Analyst, Accountant, Auditor, Marketing Director and Project Director.

Q: How can I secure a finance internship?

Utilizing Handshake’s geographical filters is essential when looking for finance internships. By choosing the city you want in the search field, you may narrow down finance internships to the location where you want to intern. You can find internships in easy finance in the city of your choice.

You can research potential job positions that you may consider during your internship in finance. Using the job role search bar on Handshake, it’s also simple to discover careers in finance. Additionally, you can explore prominent employers in the banking industry on Handshake if you want to take your research to the next level. By selecting “Industry,” you may easily find businesses hiring in your particular field using the Handshake employer search option.

finance internship

Q: Where can I find a finance internship?

Credit Suisse, Facebook, and EY LLP are a few organizations that would be excellent for finance majors seeking internships. There are numerous opportunities for undergraduate students to intern in finance. In addition, businesses that need a strong financial focus are looking for talented interns to contribute to their growth.

Q: Are internships in finance paid?

Yes, you can use the search filters on Handshake to find paid financial internships.

Q: What does an intern in finance get paid?

For full-time positions, the typical yearly salary in finance ranges from $38,000 to $70,000.

Q: Are internships required for finance students?

Although only sometimes necessary, internships are excellent chances for development and experience. You can develop hard and soft skills through any finance internship, including the finest. Even some of the best business people in the field will be in your network.

Q: What does an intern in finance do?

Finance interns will spend time developing skills that will be useful later in their Finance career journeys, in addition to networking and receiving mentorship. Finance interns will learn how to compile and organize customer records, effectively convey their insight, and work with a team of experts to achieve a goal.

Q: What can you learn from a financial internship?

You will get a lot of useful general skills throughout your internship in finance, including time management, responsibility, organization, and teamwork. Additionally, you’ll be immersed in the world of finance, which will aid in developing your quantitative aptitude and knowledge of your organization’s supply chain.

financial internship

Q: What information should finance interns add to their resumes?

Make sure to list your accomplishments, education, and talents on your resume for companies to see. In addition, including your preferred location and employment function on your Handshake profile is a terrific approach to show recruiters that you are interested in their company.

For financial interns, good qualities include technical know-how, time management, follow-through, and teamwork. It’s also important to talk about organizations or projects you led and can talk about in detail.


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