Build A Gaming Pc Mini Anyone Would Be Proud Of

Build A Gaming Pc Mini Anyone Would Be Proud Of


  • Gaming on the go is life. Building your own custom mini gaming PC allows you to create a crazy powerful rig that’s portable and perfectly tailored to your needs. You can make a pint-sized powerhouse with compact components and a clever case design!
  • Constructing a mini gaming PC from scratch maximizes power while minimizing the overall footprint. The result will be a high-performing portable PC you pimped out to perfection—something any gamer would be pumped to call their own. A DIY approach to building a compact rig is the ultimate way to get a beastly machine for gaming anywhere, anytime.

Choose Compact Yet Capable Components

  • When selecting parts for a mini gaming build, you need components that bring serious muscle without consuming much precious space. The motherboard is mission-critical, so go for a compact Mini-ITX board that’ll nestle nicely into a small case.
  • Mini-ITX boards have all the vital functions of a full-sized ATX board, like CPU sockets, RAM slots, PCIe lanes and IO options. But everything is creatively shrunk into a super compact 17x17cm size that leaves room for other goodies in tight-case interiors. Ensure your Mini-ITX mobo has the chipset, connectivity, and features to support your planned build.
  • The power supply is also critical for maximizing space savings in a mini PC. An SFX form factor PSU is slimmer and more square than the larger, rectangular, traditional ATX PSU design. This frees up the interior volume for beefier components. Look for a quality SFX PSU with at least 500-650W to deliver efficient, stable power for your compact beast.

Capable Components of pc

Get a Small Case with Good Airflow

  • The case is one of the most important considerations when building any mini gaming rig. It would help if you had something compact yet able to fit all your souped-up components. Look for sturdy Mini-ITX cases under 20 litres total volume to keep your rig nice and petite but still fully functional.

Mini-ITX motherboard

  • Ensure any potential case has stellar airflow, as sufficient cooling is crucial for stable performance in a densely packed build. Look for ventilation holes, mesh panels, and mounting points for multiple fans to keep temps in check. Adequate airflow prevents thermal throttling during intense gaming sessions.
  • Also, strongly consider a mini case with a vertical GPU mount. This displays your prized graphics card through a tempered glass side panel rather than horizontally, reducing the case’s footprint. Cliffs showcase RGB lighting and make your GPU the centrepiece.

Use an External Power Supply

  • Here’s a pro-space-saving tip – use a svelte external laptop-style power adapter rather than a bulky internal PSU. The slender power brick feeds juice to your system while minimizing heat and clutter in the mini case interior—a win-win!
  • Going with an external power supply allows for selecting even more compact cases and components since you don’t need to accommodate a large internal PSU. Reducing heat buildup in a cramped mini case also means better thermals for improved stability and longevity. Game on!
  • Get a quality external power adapter from a trusted brand with sufficient wattage and amperage for your specific build. Check that the DC output connector will also work with your mini case and motherboard. Aim for at least a 500W brick for a high-performance mini gaming rig.

External Power Supply


  • Constructing a custom gaming pc mini takes know-how, planning and patience. But the payoff is a uniquely powerful rig optimized for portability, customization and dominating gameplay anywhere.
  • Using smart design choices like a Mini-ITX motherboard, SFX PSU, compact case, and external power adapter allows you to achieve desktop-caliber performance in a tiny package. Add your flair with aesthetics and mods to build your dream portable gaming machine. The DIY approach makes it distinctly your epic creation. Your next ultra-potent compact rig awaits!

Frequently Ask Questions

Why is a mini gaming PC an attractive option for gamers?
A mini gaming PC offers the best of both worlds: it’s small enough to fit in tight spaces or take on the go, yet powerful enough to run the latest games smoothly.

What should one keep in mind when selecting components for a mini gaming PC?
Choose components carefully, focusing on size compatibility and power. Some components designed for full-sized PCs might not fit in a mini case.

How does cooling work in a mini gaming PC?
Cooling is crucial. Invest in quality cooling solutions like low-profile air coolers or compact liquid cooling systems to keep temperatures in check.

Are mini gaming PCs upgradable?
Absolutely! While space is a constraint, many mini PCs are designed with upgradability in mind. Just make sure new parts are compatible size-wise.


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