7 Top Online Business Directory Websites in 2023

Online Business Directory

Business Directory Websites

Online business directories are a great way to connect with potential customers and build your business. These websites allow you to upload your business information, including a description, contact information, and photos. You can then add your business to the directory, which will help you to find new customers and promote your business.

These online directories have almost replaced the yellow pages business directory. Several online business directories are available, each with features and advantages. Some directories are general, while others focus on a specific industry or region. Some directories are free, while others require a fee.

If you’re looking for the top online business directory to help you grow your business, here is a list of the 7 most used business directories. 

1. Facebook (Meta)-Business Directory App and Website

Meta is the future. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, came up with the idea of Meta in 2021 as a way to put all of Facebook’s apps and technologies under one brand. Facebook is now more than just a place to talk to people. Their main goal is to help people connect wherever possible, especially with their local communities and businesses. The first step is to make a user-followable business profile (Meta).

Even though Meta is forward-thinking and innovative regarding technologies, Facebook still works mostly the way you’re used to: as a social networking site that also helps you find businesses. In other words, you can still talk to Grandma on Facebook, post a photo from your past on your timeline, and follow your favorite businesses and brands.

Ahrefs Rank: 1st 

Niche: General

Cost: Free

Why Should a Business have a Page on Facebook?

Its 21st century means the days of using the yellow pages business directory are gone, and websites and apps have taken their place. The US alone has hundreds of millions of unique visitors, which more than justifies establishing or claiming a business presence, particularly for free business listing chances. Users can follow a business by reading its posts or updates, and customers can write reviews about a business on Facebook. 

Feedbacks and reviews on Facebook are important for local businesses because Facebook is widely seen as the best social network and has the most users. Unsurprisingly, more than 10 million advertisers, mostly small and medium-sized businesses, use Meta’s personalized ad tools.

2. Google Business Directory Website

Google is where we start and end each day. It’s where most people find their next travel deal, restaurant, wedding vendor, doctor, lawyer,  or cobbler, which is why it’s the same as saying, “Let’s look it up!”. Google is the best place to find a list of business directories.

Google Business Profile, which used to be called “Google My Business,” is a tool that helps businesses manage their online presence across Google’s services, such as Search and Maps. People can find companies using local searches by checking and changing the information in a company directory listing.

Also, Google’s legendary algorithm will give more weight to some businesses than others based on local search engine optimization (SEO) ranking factors. So it’s important to know what will help your free business listing rank higher in search engines (from Google and beyond).

Ahrefs Ranking: 6th

Niche: General 

Cost: Free

Why Should Companies Have A Google Business Profile?

It’s hard to beat Google when it comes to online business directories. Businesses need to be listed on Google because so many people use it (hundreds of millions in the US alone every month!). If your Google business listing is correct and you claim it, it will appear more often in local searches with keywords and be easy to find on Google Maps. 

Also, it’s a cheap way to market in the local area. But really, who needs to be persuaded that they should be on Google? Ensure you stay updated with the changes and improvements Google makes to business listings.

3. Instagram Business Directory App and Website

Even though Instagram is a part of Facebook’s Metaverse, we thought it needed to be in its category because it has become such an important and useful business tool over the years. Instagram is an online social network that lets people share photos and videos from their phones. 

The app lets users take videos and pictures and share them with the public or their friends. They can also use hashtags to show up in popular or specialized groups. Keeping up with the changing trends on Instagram can also help your business greatly.

Ahrefs Ranking: 2nd

 Niche: General

Cost: Free

Why Should a Business Have an Instagram Account?

There’s a reason why Instagram has more than 200 million business accounts in use. As a site for business listings, it has become just as important as Facebook, which is owned. Depending on the business, a business takes time to make an Instagram profile. 

It is a platform with many visual appeals, and keeping a free business listing means, to some extent, taking care of the look of your brand. Therefore, it is a good time for some businesses. However, it is still worthwhile. Instagram used to be a great place for brands with unique products or a strong visual identity that could be shown off with good photos. Now, every kind of business is coming up with creative ways to show up on Instagram.

4. Twitter Business Directory App and Website

People go to Twitter to find out #WhatsHappening, as their slogan says. It’s also a great way for businesses to reach new customers. If you haven’t heard, Twitter is an online social media platform where people send and read short messages called “tweets” and post them. 

Users can tweet messages, links, and pictures to their followers or use #hashtags to be found by that phrase or word. It’s easy and quick to get started with Twitter for Business (Twitter) and start your first campaign with your free business listing.

Ahrefs Rank: 3rd 

Niche: General 

Price: Free

Why Should a Business have a Twitter Account?

Local businesses can use Twitter to advertise, talk to potential customers, network, tell followers about sales, and so on. It’s also a great place for a business to build its strategy for being a thought leader. There are also advertising options for a wide range of goals, with some pretty solid statistics to back up how well they work. 

But it’s important to remember that Twitter, like other social media sites, can take a lot of time to keep up with. In addition, we know that the line between a business or company directory list and a social media site could be clearer. Some businesses choose the white-label PPC route, but there are platforms and services you can employ to help maintain a presence on Twitter.

5. LinkedIn Business Directory App and Website

LinkedIn is a professional networking site for business people, making it a good place to list businesses. In addition, members who have signed up can link to professional networks of people they know. It can build your network and show that you are an expert in your field or niche.

You’ve probably noticed that every person who has requested a demo of it has also requested that you connect. It has recently evolved into a leads generator for sales teams. It works well as a list of business directories. To get started, you should make a LinkedIn Page for your business.

Ahrefs Rank: 5th 

Niche: General 

Cost: Free

Why Should Companies have Profiles on LinkedIn?

Businesses should take the time to make a profile on Linkedin, depending on the product, type of business, or service they offer. Their four business pillars are hiring, marketing, selling, and learning. 

LinkedIn has a free business listing that can be useful for job seekers and business owners. Go to the site and look for other business listings like those. If your competitors are there, you should make a profile too. Most businesses in most fields are interested in Linkedin profiles.

7. Yelp Business Directory App and Website

How often have you thought, “Yelp is going to hear about this!” following a particularly good or bad experience at a restaurant or local business? Just me?

But if your business needs to be listed on Yelp, you might still need to get a customer in the door and have a good experience that can be written about. Yelp is a website and app where people can write reviews about businesses in their area. 

Yelp also teaches small businesses how to respond to reviews, hosts social engagements for Yelpers (Yelp reviewers), and gives information about businesses, such as their health inspection scores. Yelp for business is easy to set up. It only takes 10 minutes (Yelp).

Ahrefs Rank: 50th

Niche: General

Cost: Free

Why a Business Should have a Yelp Page:

Despite what most people think, Yelp isn’t just for reviewing restaurants (Mashable). Instead, Yelp is a business directory site that gets a lot of local customers. It has 36.3 million registered users, a lot for a general company directory site. And it’s free to list your business!

Since businesses can list themselves for free on Yelp’s local business directory, it’s a good idea to do so and let people review the business. Once business owners do this, they must make sure to handle their Yelp reviews in the right way. They can manage feedback on the site themselves or with the help of a tool for monitoring reviews. Again, try to find apps or services that fit your business’s needs and budget.

Yelp Business Directory App and Website

Other Helpful Business Listing Tips

  • After you claim a social networking site, you should keep it up-to-date. Customers will expect businesses to post things from time to time. If they don’t, it might look like the business doesn’t exist anymore, even if it’s listed on a site for businesses.
  • If customers can leave reviews on the business listing site, ensure you read them and respond to them correctly.
  • Listings distribution can help you add your business to more online business directories if you have the time and money to do so.

Have fun listing, and good luck!

Business Directory FAQs

How Should you use a Directory for Local Businesses?

The business directory makes it easier for people to find companies, services, or products in their area. From an SEO point of view, having a listing in a business directory is important. It makes it easier for people to find your local business.

How to Find a Local Business Directory in the United States?

Try Yellow Pages Business Directory, Judysbook, WhitePages, Citysearch, MagicYellow,, Brownbook, MojoPages, DiscoverOurTown,,  LocalSiteSubmit, Twibs,, and Manta if you want to find a local business directory in the United States.

How can I Make my Business Directory Bigger?

When you list your business, you can include basic information like the phone number, name, and address of your business. You can also buy advertising space with pictures, slogans, logos, business hours, and other information. Through this, you can make your business directory bigger.


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