1973 Kennedy Half Dollar Value, Price And Information: 1973 Half Dollar Value

1973 Kennedy Half Dollar Value, Price And Information: 1973 Half Dollar Value

1973 Kennedy Half Dollar Value

Like most people, you probably have a few Kennedy half dollars in your dresser drawer. But did you know those coins could be worth more than their face value? It’s true! For example, a Kennedy 1973 half dollar value in poor condition is only about $2. But if you have a 1973 Kennedy half dollar in mint condition, it could be worth $6 or more! So, how can you tell if your dollar coin is valuable? Keep reading to find out.

History of Kennedy Half Dollar

Congress speedily approved the redesign of the half-dollar in the nation’s memory. In place of the Franklin D. Roosevelt likeness on the old coin, Kennedy’s profile appeared on the new coins issued since 1964.

The Gilroy Roberts-designed obverse and Frank Gasparro-designed reverse of the Kennedy half dollar were instant successes. Millions of Americans in grief jumped at the chance to buy a “memorial” of Kennedy for just 50 cents. Unfortunately, this caused many people to believe that the Kennedy half dollar was more valuable or worthwhile to save than the other half coins, quickly contributing to the half dollar’s actual withdrawal from circulation.

Kennedy Half Dollar

No one Kennedy half-dollar issue is rare, but business-strike coins that grade higher than MS66 or MS67 are typically seen as conditional rarities. Also rare is the doubled die obverse from 1974 and 1982, no FG, and the 1998-S matte finish.

Condition is Everything

1973 Kennedy Half Dollar can be determined by its condition and mint mark. A coin in Poor condition will show a lot of wear and tear, while a coin in Mint State condition will look like it just came from the mint.

All About 1973 Half Dollar Value

Here is a list of everything you should know about the 1973 half dollar value.

Is Kennedy Half Dollar Worth Collecting?

Yes. Depending on their condition and the year they were produced, Kennedy half-dollar coins might be worth more than their face value. The 1970-dated Kennedy half-dollar coins are the most expensive ones. These may cost upwards of $100. You could, however, make (actually) a mint under extremely uncommon circumstances. A few are worth more than $50,000. A few uncommon coins are made with 90% silver and 10% copper.

A Kennedy Half-Dollar: How Should It be Care?

Kennedy half-dollar coins have to be kept in a dry, cold environment. It would be best if you didn’t keep coins in a wallet or handbag since humidity and heat might harm them.

Where Can You Purchase a Kennedy Half Dollar?

Most coin shops sell Kennedy half-dollar coins, and you may buy them online. The most expensive Kennedy half dollar coins are typically available via online auction sites, although these auction sites move quickly and can result in overspending.

Kennedy Half-Dollar

How Can you Find the Mint Mark on Your Kennedy Half Dollar?

The mint mark is the small letter that identifies the U.S. Mint plant that struck a Kennedy half-dollar coin. The Philadelphia Mint’s coins bear a “P” mint mark. The Denver Mint’s coins have a “D” mint mark.

What’s the Weight of a Kennedy Half Dollar?

The weight of a Kennedy half dollar coin is 11.34 grammes or almost the same as an American time. The coin has a diameter of 30.61 mm and a thickness of 2.15 mm. Has a silver content of 0.36169 ounces.

What’s Kennedy’s 1973 Half Dollar Value?

For individuals new to collecting, this part serves more as an introduction.
One in certified mint state (MS+) condition might get up to $3 at auction, while one in average circulated (AC) condition is only worth around 50 cents.

Coins from the 1973 Kennedy half-dollar series are not valuable beyond their face value since they are not rare.

1973 Half-Dollar Value


Spending fifty cents is enjoyable. For Example, Young people’s faces always have amusing expressions when someone pays a couple of half dollars for a cheeseburger at the neighborhood fast food restaurant.

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