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10 Best Ways to Improve Your Workout Motivation

best ways of workout motivation

Best and Easy Ways to Improve Your Workout Motivation

10 Best Ways to Improve Your Workout Motivation with the growing popularity of fitness and healthy lifestyles, more people are turning to physical activity to stay in shape, lose weight or live healthier lives. However, even though you might be motivated enough to get your butt off the couch and hit the gym. You could still struggle to complete your workouts if you don’t have proper workout inspiration to keep you strong throughout your training sessions. 

Luckily, there are many ways to improve your workout motivation and keep pushing through difficult times to reach your fitness goals faster. Still, day-to-day challenges abound. 

Try these strategies to kickstart your fitness plans and keep them kicking. Here are 10+ of the best and easiest ways to do it!

Change Your Program

You can run into boredom with the same workout all the time, and your body won’t continue to grow when that happens. Try mixing up your exercises so you don’t get bored and give up. For example, if you’re used to running on a treadmill for 30 minutes every day at 8 miles per hour (MPH), try 10 MPH instead or do one minute of jumping jacks after each minute. 

Keep Challenging Yourself

Change it up by trying exercises you’ve never done before – like yoga, strength training, or group fitness classes. The more variety you have in your routine, the better chances you’ll stick with it and keep growing stronger!

This stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals. To put it another way, if you’ve only been going to the gym to stay healthy and avoid getting fat, you might need a little more focused exercise.

Perhaps you want to focus on your aerobic health and train to drop your resting heart rate a few beats per minute or make your fat loss efforts more serious about going down a notch. Decide on a (realistic) deadline, create a plan, and get started.

Keep Challenging Yourself

Exercise in the Morning

Become an Early Bird. Getting up early for your workout has so many benefits. For one, it’s much quieter in the morning, and traffic is lighter. Secondly, you will have more time in the morning because you are not rushing around like a maniac trying to get out the door. Lastly, if you’re going for a run or walk outside, it is usually cooler at that time of day.

So by getting up earlier than normal (6-7 am), you can increase your exercise motivation and improve your work ethic! Try waking up 10 minutes before your alarm goes off to do some stretching and warm-up exercises to prepare for your workout session. Doing this will make you less likely to suffer from injuries, muscle stiffness, or fatigue during your workout.

Exercise in the Morning


Keep Track of Changes:

  • Make goals and post them where you will see them. 
  • Get a workout partner.
  • Get a fitness tracker that can motivate you.
  • Set up a reward system for yourself, like after each workout, buy yourself something small. -Reward yourself with food as well.
  • Schedule your workouts in your calendar so you don’t forget about them.
  • Write down the benefits of working out, giving you an inspirational reminder.
  • Keep healthy snacks at home or near your workout location, so it’s not too difficult to resist temptation when hunger strikes.
  • If you are trying to lose weight, calculate how many calories your workout burned and make sure you eat enough throughout the day.
  • If you have difficulty getting up early for morning workouts, set up an alarm that gradually wakes you up with light instead of sudden noise.
  • Eat plenty of carbs before a workout because they are easily digested and provide energy for exercising muscles.

Reward Yourself

Make it Double Rewarding. Reward yourself for reaching your fitness goals with a reward double the size you’ve been working towards. For example, if you aim to work out five times this week, give yourself a $20 reward when you accomplish that goal on Friday (or Saturday). 

The bigger the reward, the more motivated you’ll be! Don’t Wait: There is always time to get started and exercise, even if it’s just 5 minutes. Start with just 5 minutes daily and gradually add more time.

 It doesn’t matter how long or short your workouts are, as long as you’re doing them regularly. Of course, you can always start tomorrow – but today is better than never!

Create a New Pre Workout Ritual

Set yourself up for success by wearing your clothes and sneakers so you won’t trip over them in the morning, listening to awesome psyche-up music, or sipping on a pre-workout drink. Developing a new pre-workout ritual is one of the easiest ways to get workout inspiration. You can start by trying a new exercise, listening to an inspiring song, or reading a motivational blog post. 

Adding new workout inspirations consistently makes you more likely to stay motivated for long-term workouts and better results! 

Start by picking one or two of these ten best ways to improve your workout motivation. Then, try each out every week until they feel routine. Then, pick two or three more tactics from our list, then repeat. In a few months, you may look back at how far you’ve come thanks to your improved pre-workout ritual! 

Pre Workout Ritual


Try the 5 Minute Rule

When you feel like your workout motivation is starting to lag, try the 5-minute rule: commit to at least five minutes of exercise; this is also the best workout routine over 50. Sometimes just committing for five minutes helps you power through the rest of the workout, and sometimes it’s just enough time for laziness or boredom to subside.

 There are Also a Few Reasons Why this Might Work so Well

  • First, having any measurable goal in front of you that can be achieved quickly can make people feel more capable.
  • Second, even though those first five minutes may be difficult – the closer we get to our goal with each passing minute – the more likely we are to keep going until we achieve it.
  • Third, when our brain has committed to something in advance and starts doing it, one of its responses is often momentum: doing something productive will often make us want to continue.
  • And finally, physical activity boosts mood by releasing endorphins which have been shown to have antidepressant qualities.

Feel Proud of Accomplishments

Fitness is about improving your components of health-related fitness. What does this mean? A healthy diet, taking time for yourself, and getting into daily physical activity will improve your feelings! 

Just because you may not love the gym or prefer exercising other ways doesn’t mean you can’t be fit. It’s about finding what works best for your lifestyle, setting attainable goals, staying motivated, and being proud of every little accomplishment.



Start Small (e.g., Aim for 20 Minutes)

While working out for an hour may be daunting, it’s important to break big workouts into smaller and manageable chunks. For example, try starting with a goal of exercising for twenty minutes. 

Research shows that the more intense your workout, the shorter you should work out. If you’re worried about being too sore, start with low-impact exercises like yoga or pilates. But remember, muscle and fitness won’t happen overnight – it’s just a marathon, not a sprint!

Make It Routine

There’s no better way to improve your fitness motivation than by making a habit. Commit to working out for at least 20 minutes daily, and then stick with it! It may seem like a lot at first, but as you go on, you’ll be able to do even more. So focus on what you’re doing and push yourself!

It won’t take long before you feel so good about yourself that skipping a workout will sound impossible. After all, how could anyone turn down such an amazing body? So to get motivated to work out, My Info Diary reminds you why you started in the first place.

Set Goals

A motivating workout will only be effective if you set goals. Decide on an attainable goal, like how much weight you want to lose in a month or the number of minutes per day that you want to work out. Keeping track of your progress is another way that can help motivate your workouts. 

You can either record it in a journal or write it down in a workout diary, which might help you achieve your goal. Finally, setting realistic and achievable fitness goals is also helpful for motivating workouts because they are doable and have achievable results.

Listen to Music

Walking into the gym might be tough, but playing the right music in your headphones can help you shake off the outside noise and make the work feel a little less like hard work. 

Plus, depending on your beat, it can boost your workout motivation by increasing your heart rate while strengthening your legs. Finally, consider making a playlist with high-energy, pumping tunes to set you up for success when facing an early morning workout. It’s all about boosting your workout motivation and not letting anything get in the way of achieving your fitness goals!

Look Good and Feel Confident

You can have the perfect workout and nutrition plan, but you will not achieve optimal results if your workout motivation is low. It would help if you looked good and felt confident about maintaining a high level of workout inspiration

When people are healthy, they are more motivated because they want to live healthy lives. If you feel healthy and strong, getting up in the morning for that workout becomes easier because it’s part of your routine instead of something dreaded.


If you’re looking for more ways to improve your workout motivation, feel free to connect with My Info Diary anytime. These are just a few of the best and easiest methods we know.

There are many components of health-related fitness, but motivation is one of the most important. Hopefully, this list has helped you motivate and achieve your goals!



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