10 Best Bodyweight Bicep Workouts for Your Bicep

10 Best Bodyweight Bicep Workouts
10 Best Bodyweight Bicep Workouts

10 Best Bodyweight Bicep Workouts

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to build your biceps, these all-bicep workout techniques are best for you.
These simple movements can be done anywhere and will help you develop those muscle fibres faster than any other type of workout.

It’s no secret that strong biceps are essential for your physical and mental well-being. But the importance of having strong biceps for overall health and fitness may not be as well-known. We are discussing the importance of strong biceps and also how they can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

These bodyweight bicep workout exercises are more beneficial for all like; biceps curls help with shoulder rehabilitation. Biceps help with shoulder stability. Strong biceps are important for exercise performance.

If you want to pump up your biceps, there’s no better workout than bodyweight exercises. They’re easy to do, and they’ll help you develop strong muscles in no time.
So, if you’re a beginner or an experienced exerciser, read on for some helpful and outstanding tips!

Side Plank

It is a simple but effective bodyweight bicep workout that works your entire body; look no further than the side plank. It’s a great way to strengthen your core while also improving your balance and stability. Plus, it’s fun! However, make sure you don’t strain yourself or your wrists by doing this move too hard.
If you want a way to strengthen your core and shoulders, try a side plank. It’s a great way to get a workout in without having to move a muscle! Plus, it’s super easy to do and good for your shoulders and core, so you can start incorporating it into your routine today.


Inverted Curl

If you’re like most people, you probably think of the traditional barbell curl when you think of curls. But did you know that another type of curl can work your biceps just as well? Inverted curls are a great way to target your biceps and get a great workout.

This bodyweight bicep workout is great for building up your arms and making them look muscular. It is also a great way to work on your core strength as you use your entire body to do the exercises.

Close grip chin ups

Chin-ups are one of the most popular muscle-building and bodyweight bicep workouts, but many people don’t know how to do them properly.
Chin-ups are a great bodyweight bicep workout, but what if you want to add some variety to your routine? Close-grip chin-ups are a great alternative that will allow you to target different parts of your biceps. Plus, they’re super easy to do!
Following, we provide some tips for getting the most out of them.
Here, we are using a pull-up bar tool.

  • With your hands six inches apart, grab a chin-up bar.
  • Pull your body up and over the up position bar to the chin.
  • Lower to full extension before repeating.
  • Perform three sets of eight to ten reps.

Isometric Chin-ups

Chin-ups are a great biceps exercise, but what if you want to add some variety to your routine? Isometric chin-ups are a great way to add some variety to your bodyweight biceps workout. They’re also a great way to work on your strength and stability, which is important for all aspects of your fitness.

Chin-ups are a great way to work your biceps, but isometric chin-ups are a great way to work them harder. By doing isometric chin-ups, you’re forcing your muscles to work against gravity instead of against each other. This forces your muscles to work harder and grow faster than they normally would if they were just doing regular chin-ups. So if you’re looking for a new and challenging exercise, try isometric chin-ups! You will be happy after the excellent results.

Isometric Chin-ups

EZ-Bar Curl

Like most people, you probably think of the curl as a biceps exercise. But did you know that the curl also targets the brachialis? And is the EZ – Bar curl a great way to target this muscle group? Check out and follow the following tips to learn more about the different types of curls.
Heavy curls should be done at the start of someone’s bodyweight biceps workout when you can really push yourself with weight. Choose a weight that you can handle for 6-8 reps or a classic volume rep range like 5×5.

Resistance band biceps curl
Grab your favourite resistance band and sit down on the floor with your knees bent. Maintain a straight back.

Put the resistance band around your right knee. Take it in your right hand and pull it up toward your right shoulder. Your upper arm should remain stationary.

Releasing and repeating, Then switch to the opposite side.

Resistance band biceps curl



This bodyweight bicep workout is designed to target your biceps, so you’ll need to be prepared to work hard. But don’t worry, it’s definitely worth it! In just 30 minutes, you can burn up to 85 calories and achieve some great results.
Suppose you want to know a way to pump up your arms. This simple routine will help you build strength and definition in your biceps while also giving you a good cardio workout.
Follow the following method:
Begin by grasping the chin-up bar of your palms up you as well as your hands shoulder-width apart.
Hang with your arms just about straight and at a 90-degree angle.
Move your body forward and back explosively, almost as if you were going to headbutt the bar.
Hold for one minute. Take a minute to relax. Repeat.


Commando chin-up

It is a staple in the pull-up programme and is more difficult than regular pull/chin-ups. However, this variation increases chest strength while also strengthening the arm and lat muscles.
Commando pull-ups are a more advanced pull-up modification that can help you gain upper-body strength. What Exactly Are Commando Pull-Ups? Commando pull-ups are high-intensity bodyweight exercises for developing upper-body strength. This bodyweight bicep workout targets your triceps, hamstrings, and back muscles with a distinctive hand position.

Incline Dumbbell Curl
Incline dumbbell curls work the biceps brachii, the largest muscle in the biceps area. Curling up puts resistance on the biceps brachii, which engages and tightens, a process known as a concentric contraction.
Set up an incline bench at a 45-degree angle.
Holding a dumbbell in both hands, sit on the bench with your shoulders and back firm against the backrest.
Maintain your arms by your sides, hanging down, and palms inwards.

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

Reverse grip bent over rows, commonly referred to as backward dumbbell rows or Yates rows, are a back workout at the moderate level. In just that, exercises combine several muscles in the arms, back, and rear deltoids, similar to traditional barbell rows.

Who doesn’t want biceps that look good in a tank top and are capable of impressive things?
If you’re looking to get a ton of bang for your buck when it comes to improving your biceps, then you’re going to want to start incorporating some bodyweight bicep workouts into your routine. These workouts are great because they allow you to work all your muscles using only your weight, which means you can get a great workout without having to spend a lot of money on equipment.

Here, we discuss some interesting and best exercises for your muscle health. Of course, we know that there are many other types of bicep workout exercises, but these are the best of the best workout technics. So, try these all.
Hopefully, all information will be very beneficial for your muscle health.



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